CurePSP recognizes that the fight against PSP, CBD, and other disorders can now take a new direction, capitalizing on a number of recent discoveries, exciting ongoing work, and new hypotheses. Please watch this video to learn more about PSP and CBD research. At Neuro 2021, Adam Boxer, MD, PhD, discusses how to successfully pave a new road towards PSP therapies.

Paving a New Road to PSP Therapies - Adam Boxer, MD, PhD

Paving a New Road to PSP Therapies - Adam Boxer, MD, PhD

CurePSP Brain Tissue Donation Program

Brain donations are a precious gift for science, establishing a long-term legacy of scientific progress that otherwise would not be possible. Brain tissue donated through this program is carefully studied by researchers working hard to understand human neurobiology and the causes of neurodegeneration. Brain donations have led, and will lead to breakthroughs in science, the development of treatments and ultimately, cures for PSP, CBD, MSA and related diseases.

The FTD Disorders Registry

The Registry is an online database to collect information from those affected by all types of prime of life brain diseases, such as PSP, CBD, and related. Persons diagnosed, (current/former) caregivers, family, and friends can join. As a member of the Registry, you can help us advance the science and move faster toward finding treatments and cures. Join the registry here.