Newly Diagnosed with PSP, CBD or MSA? 

We’ve created a comprehensive checklist to aid you in navigating a recent diagnosis of PSP, CBD or MSA. Use this helpful guide to easily connect with the CurePSP community, learn how to become your own advocate and stay proactive along your journey. 

Connect to the Community

Through our national/international support groups and regional peer support offerings, the CurePSP community is here to empower and assist you as you navigate life with PSP, CBD or MSA.

Educational Resources

CurePSP maintains a library of educational resources, which you can download or order, to offer guidance and tools for life with PSP, CBD or MSA.

CurePSP Centers of Care

The CurePSP Centers of Care program is a network of medical centers, 31 in the US and 2 in Canada, dedicated to the comprehensive care of PSP, CBD and MSA.

Upcoming Events

From family conferences to educational webinars to fundraisers, CurePSP hosts a variety of events to support our community and our cause.